There are answers because there is truth.

This is reality: you’re living in a post-Christian culture. How do you figure out how to make sense of your faith—and the big issues of our time?

But God has put you here, today, and calls you to live for Him in the real world.


The Download was developed by ACL & LMI for Christians aged 18-25.

Hundreds of young people have been inspired and equipped.

It’s a one week, residential program that costs $980, including all food, accommodation and teaching.

Experts teach on the big issues relating to scripture, science, gender & sexuality, cultural Marxism & critical theory, feminism, and much more.

There’s also fun and good food scheduled in! And you’ll meet a lot of young people facing the same world and searching for answers.


Read what previous attendees think.

"The world’s never been changing more quickly and as a Christian I wanted to understand it and be active in it."
"I could not recommend this more highly for those in ministry - not only was there world class teaching, it was a wonderful break from normal life among an amazing community of young people! I had so much fun."
"I came to the program with many questions and a distinct hesitance as to where God was calling me; I left not only with answers, but further equipped to apply and share them within a new, affirmed sense of Christ-centred purpose."
"This week just past is already changing my life and how I live. Living for Jesus requires full devotion in every area of life and this course was the place to learn."
"This program has given me a framework to stand for Christ in an increasingly secular society. It's so encouraging to spend time amongst leaders who embody the Christian faith and dare to challenge the world. This program will always be a source of truth, courage and wisdom to look back on."
"In order to navigate a world of increasing secular attitudes and views, this program is a must for young Christian people in Australia."
"This program has given me a better understanding of the world we live in and also encouraged me to be an active Christian and stand up for what is right and make my voice heard."
"This was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve had with a Christian community. As much as the information presented gets you thinking, it also stirs the spirit and really spurs you on to live out the faith."
"As a Youth Pastor, the program was immensely helpful in understanding the world that our young people are being brought up in - not just how our culture is, but WHY. I feel equipped to speak into some of the major cultural issues of our time and I have a better grasp on the role of the church in our culture going forward."
"You get to meet people from different denominations and have this opportunity to sharpen each other and humbly discuss the things of God."

The Download was designed for you.

God has called you to live for Him at this specific time in history. Take one week out of your schedule to let the Lord reveal His truth to you—and shape your thinking—so you’re better prepared for the exciting path He has for you!

We are receiving applications for our next program:

Applications open: Friday, 22nd April
Applications close: COB Friday, 27th May
Winter Program Dates: 4th to 10th July 2022
Where: Canberra, ACT

(Exact location will be provided once application is finalised.)

Process to apply:

  1. Apply to attend by completing the application form. You will be emailed confirmation when we have received your application.
  2. As this is a selective program, your application will be assessed and you will then be notified of the outcome at least four weeks prior to the program commencing.
  3. Full payment for the program (see above) will only be required after your application has been accepted. Current program cost includes all accommodation, food, tuition and activities for the entire eight days.


Sorry, the Winter Download Program is now full.